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Track, Profile and Protect

Our solution serialises any single product unit using unique graphic codes. Using Validactor's codes anyone can check on the fly if a product is authentic, expired, stolen and more, including product's characteristics.

Validactor Codes are:
- unique for each product item
- ready in few seconds
- generated with a proprietary algorithm
- readable even at very small sizes
- In addition to product authentication, our technology facilitates in-market intelligence, grey market tracking, recall management and more

We deliver
- Powerful Anti Counterfeiting Features
- Customer Profiling and Fidelization
- Products Tracking and Management
- Extensive Big Data
- Products Verification
- Products Social Network
- Social Chat Messaging
- Advanced Manufacturer/Customer Interactions

Users can check
- Authenticity
- Production History
- Product Details
- Expiration Date
- Legal Distribution
- Any other data specified by the manufacturers, including warnings, recalls, user manuals, recipes, discounts and any other product data.

Why to use Validactor
- To protect customer health and safety
- Not to be part of an illegal trade
- Not to encourage tax evasion
- To be part of a rewarding system (wins and prizes)
- Not to be scammed

We have just Released: Luggage Identification and Lost&Found innovative functions.

If you are from a Manufacturing company ask for your intro pack.

Counterfeit Goods Market Value is $653.77 Billion. Don't be part of this!