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Protect, Track & Manage your products.

Using Validactor you can check on the fly if a product is authentic, expired, stolen and many additional tasks.


Unique Codes Plans

The “Unique Codes” plans reflect the most secure use of Validactor. Each product has its own serialized VACode and digital link. Scans per item are carefully monitored as we control each product in detail.

Plan Name # Of VACodes Scans Price
IRON 100.000 1.000.000
BRONZE 500.000 5.000.000
SILVER 1.000.000 10.000.000

Group Codes Plans

The “Group Codes” plans are intended for companies - mostly small companies - which are not necessarily affected by counterfeit, they sell a small amount of different products and want to take advantage of the Validactor innovative features. Along with a limited number of available codes, these solutions offer a very high number of product scans. The same code is used for similar products. Validation, in this case, is performed on a group level.

Plan Name # Of VACodes Scans Price
TOPAZ 100 100.000
SAPPHIRE 250 250.000
EMERALD 1.000 1.000.000
RUBY 2.500 2.500.000

Demo Plans

Any non-registered company may request a one-time-only fully working demo plan. Demo plans have no support and are released as-they-are. These plans are not intended for commercial purposes, they cannot be extended or modified. Demo plans are to be used only for testing and evaluation purposes.